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Wheel Aligner - FAQ

  1. What are the advantages of FASEP wheel aligners?
    FASEP wheel aligner is a unique measuring system that differs from others in the design of the sensors and contact clamps.
    This unique design allows for ease of use, speed and accuracy, unsurpassed by any other wheel alignment system.

    Some specific advantages of this system:
    • FASEP contact clamps don't need to remove plastic cover from rims
    • FASEP contact clamps don't need to run out compensation
    • FASEP contact clamp are dramatically safe
    • With FASEP WinTrax you can work on any lift you have

    You can find here all the advantages of the FASEP measuring system.

  2. What types of wheel aligner does FASEP offer?
    FASEP wheel alignment systems are produced with two different technologies:
    • CCD also known as "infrared" (FASEP infrared system is actually not based on CCD, but uses PSD sensors, a more accurate and faster measuring technology)
      The commercial name of the FASEP solution is WinTRAX, which is an infrared sensor system with radio connection.
    • Touchless (non-contact vision system with no target on the wheel)

  3. How many models of wheel aligners are there?
    The FASEP wheel aligners range offers a variety of models that differ in their cabinet design and software capabilities.
    The main wheel aligners models are:
    • VDP-S2: based on Scenic Cabinet, equipped with WinTRAX2 sensors and MAXI level software
    • VCO-K2: based on Deluxe Trolley, equipped with WinTRAX2 sensors and MAXI level software
    • VCO-K.Eco: based on Standard Trolley, equipped with WinTRAX2 sensors and EASY level software
    • VDP-K / VDP-K Win10: based on Compact Trolley, equipped with WinTRAX2 sensors and EASY level software

  4. What are the differences between the EASY and MAXI software?
    The 2 versions of Winlogic, ENTRY and MAXI allow to satisfy different customer needs.
    The ENTRY version, which includes all the basic functions necessary for a wheel alignment measurement, is equipped on the VDP-K and VCO-K.Eco range.
    The MAXI version, which adds all the advanced features to the ENTRY version, is equipped on the VCO-K2 and VDP-S range.

    You can find here the differences between EASY and MAXI software.

  5. What is the standard equipment for wheel aligners?
    The standard equipment available in any wheel aligner is:
    • 4 contact clamps
    • 4 sensors
    • 2 turntables (capacity depending on model)
    • Tracks gauge (mechanical, electronic or laser depending on model)
    • Steering lock
    • Brake pedal depressor

  6. What is the tracks gauge?
    Most of FASEP wheel aligners include this gauge in the standard equipment and it is designed to measure the front and rear track width from under the vehicle.

  7. How often is the databank updated?
    The wheel aligner databank is issued once a year, but during the year (e.g. 2021) it is revised 3-4 times with additions or changes.

  8. What is the price for the databank upgrade?
    The price of the update depends on how long the databank has not been updated.
    End-user net prices (2021):
    • Updated after 1 year: €270,00 (subject to change)
    • Updated after 2 years: +30%
    • If not updated for over 4 years: +100%
    Local dealers may apply service charge.

  9. What opportunities are connected with 4.x connection to internet?
    By connecting your machine to the internet, you will be able to receive regular updates on its status.
    You can get the following information:
    • Installed SW version
    • Total working time
    • Total alignment jobs
    • Easier technical support (possibility to send Info Center update online and getting online support via TeamViewer)
    • Possibility to set technical alert for calibration

  10. Is it possible to do wheel alignment on 2 posts lift?
    Although adjusting wheel alignment on 2 posts lift is not recommended, it's possible to do it with FASEP wheel aligners.
    The procedure is very simple: the contact clamps and sensors are placed when the car is on the floor, then the software "freezes" the measurements and the car is lifted. It's recommended to use wheels stands to make alignment adjustments under the car.
    This procedure is possible on all FASEP wheel aligners including the MAXI software (MAXI software level can be optional on selected models).
    Please click here to see differences between ENTRY and MAXI software

  11. I would like to update my old FASEP wheel aligner. How can I do?
    A kit is required to upgrade old DOS / TRAX alignment systems.
    Please click here for more information about the QSK Upgrade Kit

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