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Software Functions of Wheel Aligners

A brief list of the specific functions in the Winlogic software.
The 2 versions of Winlogic, ENTRY and MAXI allow to satisfy different customer needs.
The ENTRY version, which includes all the basic functions necessary for a wheel alignment measurement, is equipped on the VDP-K and VCO-K.Eco range. The MAXI version, which adds all the advanced features to the ENTRY version , is equipped on the VCO-K2 and VDP-S range.

(1) only applicable to units equipped with Electronic Turntables
ENTRY (default)MAXI (Full option)
Image bank
Cars data bank
Customer Data Bank unlimited
Self calibration
Self diagnostic
Advanced diagnostics program
Pre-inspection report
Print-out format selection
Resume function
Ride-height related specifications
Measure Suspension (Jack & Hold)
Toe-curve (generic)
Toe-curve (VAG)
Engine-cradle adjustment
Lifter compensation
Steering at 10 deg
Steering Wheel centering (1)
Trucks data bank