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Software Functions of Video Wheel Balancers

A brief list of the specific functions for Video Wheel Balancer.
The 2 versions of Software, BASIC and FULL allow to satisfy different customer needs.
The BASIC version, which includes all the basic functions necessary for a wheel balancer measurement, is equipped on the V54x and V55x range. The FULL version, which adds all the advanced features to the BASIC version , is equipped on the V58x, V64x, V653, V788 range.

BASIC (default)FULL (Full option)
Unit of measure
mm / inches (user setup)
Automatic when closing the Wheel guard (user setup)
Display step
1 or 5 gr (user setup)
Display cut-off
1 to 9 gr (user setup)
at the end of measuring run, wheel is stopped with point of application of weight placed at 12 o'clock
a great number of malfunctions or user mistakes in procedure are detected
sensor calibration can be easily performed by the user
Possibility to divide the balance weight and hide behind the spokes in a non-visible position
FCC Fast Calibration Check
Rim Databank
List of standard tyre measures (width - diameter) selectable for quick input
allows to measure and enter the exact position of adhesive weights to be placed on alloy rims
ALU-SE ALU-S Electronic
allows to enter ALU measurements automatically and find automatically the exact position of adhesive weights to be placed on alloy rims
Information Center - tele-diagnostic
display the technical configuration and status of sensors, and allow to configure and personalize the way the balancer works.
Automatic Minimization of Residual Static Unbalance
allows to reduce the static unbalance left, due to rounding when using weights multiple of 5 grams.
Optimization Tire matching
Static (tire rotated on the rim)
Dynamic (tire rotated/overturned on the rim)
Rim run-out
check geometric rotundity / eccentricity of the rim
check geometric planarity of the rim
AFC Automatic Flange Calibration
allows to use even non-balanced flanges (dirty, worn, etc.)
Automatic Positioning System
Allows to move wheel automatically to inside/outside position for application of the balancing weight.

* APS is available only for model with Laser
FAST Fast balancing mode
Allows to measure wheel unbalance in half time (for when you have peak-hours time/periods).
Double operator