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FASEP wheel balancers can be equipped with LASER LINE system for accurate application of adhesive weights inside the rim. The LASER LINE system, while not having the same level of precision as the LASER POINT system, in an economical way, simplifies and makes more precise the application of the adhesive weight inside the rim
Using the LASER LINE system the operator has the following advantages:
1. after the measurement run, easily determine the point of application in the area visible at the bottom of the inside of the wheel rim.
2. clean the area of application of the weight, without problems, as it is clearly visible where the weight will be applied, in the area illuminated by the LASER LINE.
3. apply the adhesive weight easily and accurately, without problems of incorrect weight angle as it can happen manually with the traditional Alu-S / Alu-SE systems operating in the upper part of the rim and then in one area not visible to the operator.


Using the LASER POINT system the operator has the following advantages:
1. identify, from the start, that is during input of rim dimensions, the point of application of weights to avoid areas of the rim that are not flat.
2. after measuring spin, find easily the point of application in a very visible zone in the lower part of the rim.
3. clean point of application easily as you see very well the exact point the weight must be placed.
4. apply the adhesive weight, very accurately, with no chance of mistake even by a few millimeters as the LASER is just a dot. Unlike traditional ALU-S system working at 12 o' clock in a place the user cannot see.


The 3D Touchless Input systems automatically measures the wheel data (distance + diameter + width) both for alloy and for steel rims, allowing balancing with both stick-on and clipon weights, respectively.