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High technological density. V568 is the new computerized automatic wheel balancer which has a sleek structure combined with all the technology that can be offered.
V568.G3 includes the new 16-bit high-tech electronics G3.EXTREME and the TRI.S3NSOR 3 Piezo sensors measuring system.
FASEP introduces for the first time a new LCD touch screen 10", smaller than normal, but maintaining the same characteristics as the previous ones.

The new V568 includes the wheel-guard with automatic start of wheel spin, the sonar for automatic width acquisition, the 2D gauge (distance, diameter), the laser point which indicates the exact position where the weight is to be applied and two pedals: the front one for pneumatic lock (PLS) of the wheel and the side one for the mechanical brake to ease the application of weights.
The laser has the additional function of obtaining the two measurements (distance and diameter) automatically through the 3D Touchless system.