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IFS System Integrated-flange Shaft

For a quality wheel balancing, mechanical concepts are fundamental. FASEP wheel balancers are built around the VQI System (a 3 sensor, quasi-ideal-constraints), a FASEP exclusive design, and with IFS system (integrated-flange-shaft) for maximum centering accuracy.

The usual solutions of coupling shaft and flanges (conical, cylindrical, planar, rectified or not) do not eliminate the problem of the coupling tolerances, but simply they reduce it, leaving that wear and dirt increase such tolerance day by day.

IFS System (Integrated-Flange Shaft)
No coupling at all.
This is the only way to radically eliminate all tolerances and consequently to improve dramatically the centering accuracy!


With IFS system, where the bell flange is integrated of the shaft (1), tolerances of coupling shaft and flange are simply radically eliminated, improving dramatically the centering accuracy and therefore the result of balancing process. IFS system, moreover, allows the lodging of the spring (2) for centering with inner cone (3). The spring always remains inside of the flange, does not have be found and mounted, but simply it is always to its place. Also, it is protected from the dirt, making easy the job of mounting any type of wheel.

  1. The bell flange is integrated in the shaft.
    It doesn't need to be mounted.
    No tolerance of coupling
  2. The rear spring for the use of the inner code is integrated in the shaft.
    It is not necessary to mount it and it is protected against dirt, faciliting the operator in mounting the wheel.
  3. Inner cone.
    Centering is absolutly easy and accurate.

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