Manténgase al día con el mundo FASEP


RASE.TOP.3128 is a super automatic tire changer, suitable for the best tire specialists, for use with Runflat and UHP wheels without tool / rim contact. It operates on car and light transport wheels with wheels from 12 "to 28" without any lever. RASE.TOP.3128 easily removes the tire from the rim thanks to the bead breaker synchronized with the wheel locking spindle. RASE.TOP.3128 is equipped with auxiliary bead pressing arm.
With RASE.TOP.3128, two laser pointers make it possible to place work tools simultaneously. The rocking discs are misaligned compared to the central hole for faster penetration and immediate detachment of the tire.

Powered by a powerful 90 mm diameter pneumatic cylinder, with fixed and predetermined movements, it is designed to disassemble the tire bead without any contact with the rim and without risk of damaging it.
For any type of tire, traditional, Run-Flat or super low-slung, the working procedure is always the same.

Two laser pointers allow you to easily position work tools simultaneously, according to the diameter and width of the wheel. Once the wheel has been positioned correctly, this position will no longer need to be changed throughout the work cycle.
The auxiliary bead presser arm automatically positions itself in the rest position at the end of work, eliminating interference with the operator (standard).
The position of the pneumatic cylinder can be adjusted in height using the locking knob.

The Smart Lock device is simply the fastest manual wheel locking system in the world! Insert the pin of the Smart Lock inside the central hole of the wheel, making it slide inside the locking mandrel and raise the lever. Less than two seconds to get the perfect lock. Fast and reliable, the expansion ring inside it can easily be registered as needed.

Simple and ergonomic control console: it is divided into 4 separate and easily accessible work areas. The individual functions are in sequence and clearly identified to allow the operator a rapid and intuitive workflow.

The bead breaker column moves in sync with the wheel locking spindle. Through mechanical references, it rotates inward or outward, each time the spindle moves backwards or forwards, so as to guarantee not only the correct position of the bead breakers, but also the perfect bead breaking angle, with each type of tire.