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Connex Digital ADAS

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) ADAS is the set of electronic systems that assist the driver to increase safety on the road, alerting him and sometimes even acting autonomously, to avoid dangerous situations.

These systems are composed of cameras and radars that must be precise and calibrated to have a correct overview of what is happening outside the vehicle, such as knowing how to evaluate the various distances from possible dangers and the direction of travel.
When we align the wheels of a vehicle, the direction of travel changes accordingly and therefore the camera overview is compromised.
For this reason the ADAS system and the wheel alignment are complementary.
The novelty introduced by FASEP in collaboration with Mahle and Brain Bee is the Connex Digital ADAS system, which reduced the time of this intervention by 80%, thanks to the patented digital system:
if it takes about 30 minutes with the traditional system, 5 are enough with Connex Digital ADAS.
The advantage doubles if the calibration requires double measurement at different distances.
Connex Digital ADAS design used video projectors, that instead of shifting the point of view, they transform the target conforming it to the required distance. In other words, for the second measurement it is not necessary to move the car, because Connex Digital ADAS modifies the reference image.

Connex Digital ADAS system is the best solution for those who already have a FASEP wheel aligner, since after aligning the wheels of a modern vehicle we give you the opportunity to have an object with you that will keep you up-to-date and avoid leaving half the work required. Today the number of machines equipped with ADAS systems is around 5%, but it is a share that will gradually increase over the next few years
Not having the necessary tools for ADAS maintenance means not providing complete customer service.

Maintenance of ADAS systems with Connex Digital ADAS is within the reach of all workshops, thanks to the practicality and ease of use guaranteed by this new revolutionary system.
+ Easy to use
+ Accurate in the results
+ Fast
+ Efficient
+ Universal

Thanks to the Targetless digital system (patent) no additional panel is needed

Digital ADAS is a real revolution in the workshop!

1 person is enough to complete all the operations
to minimize the space needed in the workshop
for systems and calibrations continuously updated
for maximum accuracy
alignment and positioning in max 5 minutes
to ensure extreme precision in any light condition + INDUSTRY 4.0
single ADAS system compatible with Industry 4.0 incentives