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The Fixity Range - the Compact Mobile Workshop

FASEP presents Fixity, the new Mobile Tire Changer for mobile workshops. It works thanks to rechargeable lithium batteries and/or solar panels. Fixity is equipped with a 12 VDC air compressor with a low noise level and a pressure of 10 bar, a Tire Changer up to 22" wheels and the FASEP Wheel Balancer B112 for mobile service. All this system is powered by lithium-ion battery, which guarantees a full day's operation.

To satisfy the different needs of the market, FASEP offers its Fixity range in four versions:

  • FOXY
    The world’s smallest mobile repair workshop.
    Discover a practical, reliable and economical solution that adapts to all budgets for quality work.
    Your vehicle adapts to all situations.

  • PLUS
    An ergonomic and efficient combination designed to increase your useful space.
    Even more practical, carries all the equipment you need for your working day while retaining the compact appearance of a mid-size van.

  • MAXI
    Specially designed for high performance throughout the day, it is a great ally.
    A workshop vehicle that is fully equipped to meet your needs, where the operator has total freedom of organisation with improved useable space thanks to its FixiBox 2-in-1 set.

    A trailer that offers mobility at a lower cost and without tying up a vehicle.
    Complete trailer, including tyre rack: this version offers the advantage of being able to travel to several sites without the need to supply each dealership with a dedicated vehicle for this purpose.
The first three versions are adapted to the size of the van (small, medium or large). In particular, MAXI comes with a "FixiBox 2-in-1" package, with a tire changer incorporating the compressor, to give the operator more useful space in the van.

The last configuration allows the workshop to be loaded into a double-axle trailer. This version offers the advantage of being able to travel to several sites without equipping each garage with a dedicated vehicle.

Thanks to these multiple configurations, FASEP intends to meet the growing needs of home service, which has developed strongly in recent years in the automotive repair market.
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