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Cooperation agreement between FASEP and TMG

A new dynamic partnership for the future of mobile tire fitting equipment in Italy
Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director of Technomarketing Group (TMG) in The Netherlands and Fabio Boni, Managing Director of FASEP in Italy have known each other for years. There has always been the potential desire for the two companies to work together in partnership at some point and recently the opportunity for this to happen finally developed.

TMG manufactures the renowned eCube in Holland which is a higly compact, electric mobile tire service system that combines tire changer, balancer, PC, touchscreen, digital inflation system, compressor and powerbank into one machine. The machine collects and communicates data whilst handling an impressive range of tires. It was built to perform in the back of a vehicle and guarantees its operator superior ergonomics.
Ever since it was introduced it has been revolutionizing the fast growing international mobile service industry.

Ralph says "Recently a new client in Los Angeles insisted on us equipping his eCube with a FASEP motorized balancer machine which has created a starting point for us to intensify the opportunity of forming a business co-operation from which we could both benefit based on our international activities".
“Like TMG, FASEP is one of the few companies in the Italian automotive aftermarket who remain completely independent as an authentic, passionate ‘family business’. As a result our companies share common ground when dynamics, customer satisfaction are offered together with cost/quality ratio”.

Recently TMG received the very first shipment of motorised balancers fitted to the eCube for a variety of international clients. At the same time FASEP has now become a leading distributor of eCube in Italy. Ralph adds, “The Italian market remains a relatively new sales territory for the eCube so we are delighted to welcome FASEP onboard as a partner in our groundbreaking global adventure with this futuristic, 100% electric mobile tire fitting equipment that is already changing the way tires are professionally and safely fitted outside of the tire shop and garage environment around the world”.
FASEP has been established in Ronta (Florence) as renown designers and manufacturers of high quality systems in wheel alignment and tire balancing and also provide a range of innovative tire changers, lifting platforms and lifting bridges.